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On time, cutting edge, reliable electrical solutions coupled with the best customer support.  This is what Quintana Electric has been specializing on for the past 25 years. We work with general contractors, interior designers, homeowners and other business professionals, to serve the South Florida region including Broward County and Key West, with a wide variety of commercial solutions for small to large-scale lighting and electrical projects.  Within our commercial services we offer electrical upgrades, 3-phase service work, power distribution, repairs, remodeling, lighting design and installation, commercial kitchen and bathroom electrical installations, modifications, retrofits, and other options such as:

Parking lot lighting

Retail & shopping center lighting

Hospital work

University & school lighting

Restaurant lighting

Warehouse lighting

Hospitality light & electric work

Factory lighting

Electric vehicles (EV) charging stations

Churches & chapels

Our experienced technicians are licensed and insured to provide cutting edge technology and dependable electrical solutions that adhere to all Florida building codes and industry regulations.  In addition, we offer testing and maintenance services to ensure that our customers’ projects are always operating seamlessly, and we are available 24/7 to respond to our customers’ needs on time, efficiently, and in a dependable and responsible manner.


Call us and tell us about your needs.

Our courteous and experienced team members will be happy to assist you

and provide you with tailored solutions to fit your project needs’.

Experienced technicians


The latest in lighting technology


A well-stocked fleet of company trucks


A can do approach

Leading electrical services

Our philosophy dictates that every job should be completed the right way, neatly, in a secure and long-lasting manner!

For the past 25 years our company has been working with general contractors, interior designers, homeowners and other professionals, to design and install leading electrical and lighting solutions that will add value to properties, enhance their look, improve their working environment, add a touch of elegance and even to create the right ambiences.  We have earned a reputation for our workmanship, for our systematic and safe approach, leading technology, superior customer support, and our ability to deliver quality from beginning to end.


We are a one stop shop delivering all commercial, residential and industrial electrical solutions with leading technology at an affordable price. Whether it is in your pool area, or lighting for your boat dock, for your beautiful retail store, for parking lots, or EV charging stations, for your chapel, clinic, or municipal project, we have endless capabilities, experience, dedication and the commitment to achieve your project function and design goals’.